Lease Application Criteria For All Applicants 

Amended: July 1st, 2017

1) Applicant(s) must be of legal age (18) eighteen and have no felony convictions.

2) Applicant(s) must meet posted income requirements. This must be verifiable.

2BR-1BA / Rent $740 per mo. / INCOME REQUIRED PER WEEK = $515.00

2BR-2BA / Rent $760 per mo. / INCOME REQUIRED PER WEEK = $530.00

1BR-1BA / Rent $650 per mo. / INCOME REQUIRED PER WEEK = $450.00

Each Applicant(s) must meet income guidelines individually unless married.

Applicant(s) Must have good credit with a credit score of at least 675 to qualify for a $250.00 Security Deposit .If credit score is less than 675 then an additional deposit will be required. This amount could equal one (1) months rent.

3) Employment must be at least six (6) months with the same employer or have other verifiable previous employment of at least six (6) months.

4)  Applicant must have lived at his/her present address for a minimum of at least six (6) months and have no evictions against him/her. This will be verified.

5)  Applicant understands that several forms of verification will be used to determine their eligibility to live on this property.

6) Number of  occupants: Four (4) Adults in a two (2) Bedroom Apartment

7)   Pets: We allow medium size cats and dogs for an additional $25.00 non- refunded monthly fee.( NO Pitbull,German Shepherds,Dobermans,or Rottweilers allowed.)

8)   First months rent payment must be paid in cash, cashiers check or money order or Credit card.

9)  Applicant understands that in addition to the above listed rent there is a monthly FLAT RATE FEE of $ 50.00 for water.